Steph and Jen Get Real Best of 2016
Gift Guide for last minute gifts for your significant other 

Elevie Wine Maturing Badge


We could try to impress you by using fancy terminology

like infrared, stimulate, molecular properties and mouthfeel,

 but we would rather not bore you.

This unique technology allows you to mature your wine in minutes.

it's a process you can taste. Enjoy. 

Petcube Play 

Petcube Play is the next-generation of the Petcube Camera
https://petcube.com/play/ , the #1 best-selling pet camera on the market,
redesigned and more compact in size. The interactive pet cam promotes
real-time play and exercise with an optimized, certified safe laser toy,
and auto play mode enables regular playtime when owners’ busy schedules get
in the way. See, talk to and play with your pets remotely from your
smartphone, using the Petcube app (compatible with iOS / Android). Petcube Play also comes with
advanced camera features, including 1080p HD video,
138°-degree wide angle lens, 24/7 video recording, 4x digital zoom, two-way audio, sound and motion
alerts, and night vision.


Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Haze Dual V3 a great gift for anyone who’s ordinary too extraordinary. The
Haze Dual V3 is also highly reviewed as a top portable vaporizer and as
testament was awarded the 2015 Good Design Award.The Haze Vaporizers is located in Atlanta, Georgia priding ourselves to be
a U.S. company known for our excellent customer service and generous
contributions to both army veterans and medical patients in need with the Haze Upgrade Program.

Haze Dual V3 is available for sale online or in many brick & mortar stores
across the U.S. We have also landed in 18 other countries with a price of $249.99. For more
information about the Haze Dual V3 visit
http://www.hazevaporizers.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/HazeVaporizers/
https://www.facebook.com/HazeVaporizersTechnologies https://youtu.be/u0CjJ3AwzlI
https://youtu.be/Tyya6CAOZ-I http://www.hazevaporizers.com/usage-tips/


SixPack Bags

We make the most high tech meal carrying bags ever made! Check us out at
http://www.sixpackbags.com/.Our bags keep your food cold and organized for 8+
hours while traveling, working, or doing anything outside of the house. All bags have room for
other things such as tablets, laptops, keys, phone,

Homido V2 headset

http://www.homido.com/en/shop/products/homido-hmd- v2/ It's an $80 piece that fits over your head.
You download one of over 1,000 apps, stick your
phone in the headset, and play games or watch movies in a virtual world. If your S.O. has a single
geeky bone in their body, they'll love it.


 Crock-Pot® Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow Cooker


Whether you're cooking for two, or entertaining a crowd, the Choose-A-Crock Programmable Slow
Cooker by Crock-Pot has you covered. This versatile slow cooker lets you customize your
meals—choose from a split 2.5-quart stoneware, to a 6-quart stoneware. http://www.crockpot.com/


Holiday Deal!
o Clipas only $14.39 each

o Free Gift with every order
o Free Gift Bag with every Clipa
o Free US Priority Shipping with 4 or more Clipas
o Never needs polishing
o Clipa goes on the bag or wrist for instant use

Clipa is a very versatile bag hanger
o Opens into a strong hook and closes into a ring
o Holds 33 lbs.
o Ships same business day on orders placed by 2pm PT M–F

BLEW Razor Blade Dryer to Keep Razor Rust Free

The average person spends over $200 a year on razor blades. Not only is that wasting money, but it
also creates a ton of garbage in our landfills.
It’s been proven time and time again that if you simply just dry your razor blade after using, it
stops oxidation. When you allow water to sit on your razor between shaves, microscopic
rusting/pitting begins to form on the razors edge. The next time you shave, the smooth edge that you had on your first shave is now not as smooth
anymore. It’s not the hairs that cause the blade to dull, but instead the rusting.
By simply drying your razor every time, you stop the rust from ever starting. Our sleek design
incorporated the motor of a hair dryer to ensure the hot air completely dries your razor every
time. Now you can enjoy using the high end 5 blade razor because you only need 1 and it will last
the entire year. FREE SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous United States

$ 59.99 $ 69.99

Pre-seasoned 12" Dutch Oven
Special Feature - tab for easy pouring, sturdy handle

CampMaid Lid Lifter, Charcoal Holder, kickstand fold and fit into 12" dutch oven or larger


Mu-so Qb By Naim Audio

Be summoned by the sound.
Mu-so Qb is the new compact wireless music system from the engineers behind the award- winning
Controlled by a powerful audio brain, Mu-so Qb is
alive with custom-made features all designed in our audio laboratories in England. It’s a true feat
of sound engineering. From the contours of the glass-filled polymer casing to the bass radiators
that help create huge low frequencies – every millimeter of space has been used to great effect.
Simple to control and easy to connect, Mu-so Qb delivers a staggering 300 watts of power that
unmasks your music with a sound that defies size.
Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes Airplay, Bluetooth®/aptX®, Spotify Connect®,
TIDAL, UPnP™ (access your stored music), Internet Radio, USB, analogue and digital inputs, Apple
iOS and Android App for complete control.
You can also combine Mu-so Qb, Mu-so and other Naim streaming products for the ultimate multi-room
experience. Simply sync the units to play the same song beat-for- beat in up to five rooms.
Mu-so Qb is now available from our network of specialist audio retailers, John Lewis stores and
johnlewis.com, as well as selected Apple stores and apple.com.


ODOR www.solefog.com SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator - Vanilla Fragrance
3 FOR 2 - SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator and Deodorizer - 3 PACK $20.00
Revive Your Stinky Shoes Get Rid of Shoe Odor 

Posture Stand

Perfect for laptops, tablets, readers & more (Comes in 3 colors!)
What it can do for you
The Posture Stand helps you work in the optimum position to promote spinal alignment and good
This remarkable versatile stand has many potential uses. It is ideal for standing your computer
monitor on, laptop, tablet or even your book. It helps to make your workstation to be ergonomically
set up properly, therefore helping to promote better posture. Retail price $69.99


External Portable USB Power Bank 



TECH ARMOR http://www.techarmor.com/tech-armor-power-bank- 208000-mah-blue.html ACTIVEPOWER

Tommy John Boxer Briefs
Brief (Set of 2)
$68.00 $54.00

Color: Lake Blue & Smoke



Coolest Gift Ever!!! Makes you feel like a Rockstar! (the bottle) The vodka is super smooth from Holland.

The bottle is bluetooth and smart phone programmable with up to 10 seperate messages!

$49.99 Retail Price



Kimera Coffee

About Our Coffee
Deep within the central mountain range of the Dominican Republic lies Jarabacoa, a region blessed
for its micro climates and known for producing very high quality coffee. At an altitude of 5,000ft
high, our beans are sourced from a Single-Estate coffee plantation run by the same family for over
40 years. The ideal conditions in Jarabacoa produce very unique-tasting coffee -- deeply robust yet not
overpowering, and a complex, nutty flavor. Our beans are wet processed, which aids in premium
conservation and ensuring the beans are mold-free.

Each year, our farmers continue planting a wide diversity of trees in the plantation, an effort
that prevents soil erosion and maintains the perfect pH balance and soil nutrition to enrich the
quality of the harvest. In addition, the Estate employs bio-digesters to recycle the cherry pulp and convert it into the methane fuel that helps power the



COMFORT ABOVE ALL. The kind of bed you miss when you leave, and can’t wait to climb into again. But don’t just take
our word for it. Sleep on it and review your sleep data. You’ll see how deep your Zzz’s get.


Outdoor living is better than ever with Drink Tops™!

Enjoying a beverage outdoors becomes worry-
free after simply placing Drink Tops™ on top of a glass! Whether taking a moment to enjoy a
refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a cool margarita,
Drink Tops™ provide the perfect cover!


Novel Erotics:

Steamy Romance Novels with sexy kits inside disguised as books. 50 Shades of everything. Women and men around the world are intrigued and
fascinated by the sexy concepts of bondage and domination/submission represented in these story
lines. AND WHY NOT? Steaming up your sex life appeals to nearly everyone. Yet, many people are embarrassed to go to an
adult store, and even more likely - they are overwhelmed by the choices and turned off by the tacky
packaging. Enter Novel Erotics and our newest "Novel" - Hotel Affair. https://novelerotics.com

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